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Sweet Palace & Bakers Since 1996 a Legacy of Dedication and Quality

Indulge in a delightful journey with our Sweets Harmony, a celebration of irresistible subcontinental delicacies. From the delicate textures of Gulab Jamun to the rich flavors of Jalebi, our collection invites you to savor the magic woven into every treat. Join us as we redefine the joy of indulgence, exploring new horizons in the realm of sweet delights.

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Our Customar Feedbacks

Zameer Awan
The “sweet palace” is a popular brand of traditional and yummy sweets made by fine materials at Railway Road in Jhelum
Naeem Iqbal
Delicious SWEETS. Neat and clean environment. Well trained staff with smiling face all the time.
Shamim Khan
A place full of sweets and sweet people. Very nice stuff in a very small city. A place worth visiting for those who love and ..
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