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About Us

Sweet Palace & Bakers Since 1996

Tahir Iqbal was a true example of self-determination, well-spoken, discipline and honest person. He started his business in 1996 with the name of Sweet Palace located at railway Road, Jhelum. He started his business with a small team and gradually with the grace of ALLAH Almighty his business flourished on national and internationally levels. He spent his whole life under golden principles by being loyal, providing good quality food and genuine to everyone. He served humanity generously and happily with a smiling face his entire life for the sake of ALLAH. Not only that, but he was a true gem for his family as well as for everyone. He was died on 12th Oct 2020. Now his Son Talal Tahir / Muhammad Ali look after their beloved father legacy. May Allah Bless our Father and guide us to grow our business like our father did his best to established his business.


Muhammad Talal Tahir

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Zameer Awan
The “sweet palace” is a popular brand of traditional and yummy sweets made by fine materials at Railway Road in Jhelum
Naeem Iqbal
Delicious SWEETS. Neat and clean environment. Well trained staff with smiling face all the time.
Shamim Khan
A place full of sweets and sweet people. Very nice stuff in a very small city. A place worth visiting for those who love and ..
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